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Brick Painting

Are you considering whitewashing brick walls? Are you just tired of the redbrick color and want a fresh look? If it comes to brick painting in Oakville homes in Ontario, our company is an excellent choice. Experienced with brick, our team ensures fabulous results – always based on your taste. There are various ways to paint brick but no job is easy to do mainly due to the porosity of the material. Isn’t it best to leave the job to Oakville painters with experience in such projects?

Oakville Painters is ready to serve. Allow us to tell you a few things about painting brick and how you can have your project started.

Brick painting in Oakville – how to get started

Brick Painting Oakville

Free estimates for Oakville brick painting services are easy to obtain. You just call or message our team to talk about your project and make an appointment for a free color consultation and quotation. A painting contractor assesses the brick surface condition, talks with you, explains how it all happens, helps you with the finish and color options, and gives you the cost of the service. If you want a free quote, our company is fully prepared to be of assistance to you.

Painting brick – various finishing methods

The brick wall painting choices vary to meet everyone’s needs, aesthetically. There are solid colors, whitewash options, limewash finish choices, and staining brick. Want a matte look? A solid white, black, or grey brick wall color? A thin layer of paint that lets redbrick show through? There are various techniques that give room for different aesthetic results, based on your personal preferences. On all occasions, you can be sure that the appointed painters use products designed specifically for brick.

Is this an exterior brick surface? Want interior brick walls painted?

Our company serves homeowners in need of interior brick wall painting and those who want the exterior brick surfaces painted. Have no worries about the range of services. As a matter of fact, you can turn to our team if you also want stone interior wall painting.

The painting service always involves three main stages – prepping, priming, and finishing.

  •          The pros first clean the brick surface, making sure it’s free of debris, dust, and grime. Cracks and dents are fixed, and the surface is fully prepped for the finishing stage.
  •          Before the application of the finishing coating, the pros prime the brick surface to ensure the proper and long-lasting adherence of the paint.
  •          The last stage involves painting brick. Once the primer dries, the pros finish the brick wall as previously agreed.

If you want to paint brick walls, turn to the experts to make sure the job is thoroughly and properly carried out and the results last for years and are fabulous.

Request a free estimate today for the brick painting Oakville service. Our company serves fast and professionally.