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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Have you decided to have the kitchen cabinets finished? If you live in Oakville, kitchen cabinet painting services are offered fast and done well. All you have to do is make contact with our team. Why should you choose Oakville Painters for the job? Because we are experienced with such projects, count years in this business, offer solutions based on the cabinet material and color consultation based on the kitchen style, and charge fairly. If you want your kitchen cabinets refinished, our team is at your service.

Oakville kitchen cabinet painting contractors ready to serve

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Oakville

Now that it’s clear that our company is available for kitchen cabinet painting in Oakville, Ontario, let’s talk more extensively about the service. Let’s start by saying that you can get a free estimate without any obligation by reaching out to our company. It’s crucial for our team to know details about this project of yours and about the kitchen cabinets. After all, not all cabinets are the same in regard to their condition and material. And so, we need to gather information as much as you need to know the process and the cost – hence, we meet. You say when it’s suitable for you and a painting contractor comes your way. Sounds good?

All kitchen cabinet materials are properly prepped and painted

Kitchen cabinets may be painted or just stained. Most customers ask for a cabinet painting service to transform their kitchen and bring into the room the colors they love. Others with wooden cabinetry prefer to look at the timber grain and choose cabinet staining. In either case, the cabinets are properly prepped. They are removed and so is their hardware and the pros prep them as demanded so they will look fantastic when they are finished. Since there are often blemishes, all flaws are addressed.

Since all Oakville painters appointed to such jobs have expertise with all materials, they know how to prep the cabinets correctly. Naturally, the paints are chosen based on the material. And you can trust that they are quality paints, which are not affected by daily use and the nearby stove.

Now, if the cabinets are already painted, they are scraped really well. So, don’t hesitate to reach us if what you want is cabinet repainting. The pros remove the old paints – whether they are peeling or not, address their imperfections, scrape and sand them, clean them well, and then they prime and paint them as required.

If you want your kitchen cabinetry finished, get a free estimate

If you consider cabinet refinishing, don’t overthink it. Contact us to get more information and a free estimate. Let’s talk about your kitchen, its colors, what you have in mind, and the cabinetry. Let us assure you that all cabinets in the kitchen can be painted – those above and under the countertop, the kitchen island cabinets and drawers, standalone cabinetry – the trims and crown molding, if any, too.

Painting kitchen cabinets is the easy, effective, and fast way to transform this great room in the home. Why spend money refacing the cabinets? Or, even worse, replacing the kitchen cabinets when they can be painted at a much lower cost? If you want to change the looks of the kitchen cabinet, painting Oakville experts stand nearby.